Technological toll

The only communication tool that facilitates pouring out of thoughts and emotions is talking. A twist, a technological twist,twisted the talk.The tongue got a break, a technological break. Surfing replaced talking. Surfing the net, the internet.Talking replaced by trending, trolling and following.

The smartness of a smart phone created the dull, deaf and dumb. With a big phone storage it sucked the human storage leading to dim creativity, memory and thinking.

As the tail disappeared in evolution, the tongue may loose its length and its breadth.
The beauty of a tongue is best displayed in selfies and videos.
A viral video with a twisted tongue and dancing eyes was  trolled for being the talk of the town.

A real talk remains buried, layered deep in our hearts, searching for words and a voice to penetrate a soul and a mind.u

Heaven in the plate

Humans are privileged to grow, cook and give flavour to their food.With abundance of food provided by mother earth, we, the privileged species have a cascade of choices for settling our hunger. Over centuries, with the development of civilisations, a rainbow of flavours have evolved.
Today, a cafeteria of spices and a cocktail of herbs jingle with a variety of cereals, fruits and vegetables.A trail of flavours along with a spectrum of colours make up for a very satisfying meal. We can toast, steam, grill, fry, bake, boil and roast to the best of our satisfaction.The stuff that lands up in our platter has been worked up as a result of many experiments, permutations and combinations of the flavours, fragrances, textures and colours of what mother nature provides.Humans have mastered the art to create a heaven in the plate.
The paradise of taste has been constantly growing. Mouth watering recipes satisfy us.The additional garnishing is a extra treat.Sugars add to the bliss that comes in th…

Being a woman

A woman is a symbol of strength, stability, courage and power. Being the core to a healthy society, the role of a woman is boundless. Beginning at birth, the warmth of her love and affection comforts the family. She being the power centre is capable of delivering innumerable tasks bestowed upon her.

She is the brighter star in every relationship, enlightening every soul that she encounters. Being a daughter, she soothes her parent's life day in and day out. As a sister, she floods her house with love, care and affection. When she takes charge of being a mother, her power multiplies many-folds, and she enjoys every moment of her privileged status. She is the most trustworthy in the role of a friend.

Being the most capable among all God's creations, a woman stands tall in every circumstance fulfilling all her responsibilities.The high moral values pasted upon her make her the best from the rest.

Celebrating Women's Day is a pleasure. Every moment of the day reminds of the s…
Remembering Gandhi

His slogan of non -voilence has simmered to the  greatest low.
Aggression is in and the peace is on the go.
The noble soul still resides in our books and banners and some of our hearts too.
Seen on currency,  yet we rarely take a note of his ideas and philosophy.
Cleanliness as he preached is more of a political tool.
Our roads and paths are shabby.
Gandhi may be reborn to spark the bug to clean.
Be it our heart, body or mind.


After the former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam passed away, the world has been discussing his contributions. The long list of innumerable, outstanding  inputs that he gifted to the humanity has made him unforgettable.

Likewise every human on this planet needs to contribute.That would bring meaning and worth to their lives.That would make them immortal.Working positively with higher goals can thus make a grand pathway for the future world.


The 24 hour connectivity is a new age sugary cake with its much needed cocktail of sweet and sour. A morning  event, becomes stale by the afternoon, a text written in the afternoon becomes, late news by the evening and what we explore in the evening becomes, outdated by the next morning.

A smart phone or other smart gadgets, give us an enlightening bath in the frothy tub of Apps, Updates, Notifications, Chats, voices, photos, mails, messages, music and a variety of games to top it up.

Be it a local or a national holiday, the connections never go loose.The wireless strength is growing in power with each second and with every breadth. One loose end seems like a lost battle with loads of lost content.

I enjoy the laughter, shower of praise and eye opening phrases. It brings with it, a bucket full of love, joy, care and togetherness.
I can't afford to loose the tool that connects me 24 X 7.